Before I share my coffee recipe, you need to know something incredibly important about me.

I Absolutely LOVE COFFEE!

Now I’m not talking those crazy, rot your teeth lattes or the more cream and sugar than actual coffee “drinks”. I’m talking about the real thing. I enjoy my coffee both brewed or pressed, completely black, and sometimes with just a touch of vanilla flavored almond milk creamer. Simply delish! Love, love, love me some coffee.

There’s something else you should know. Before I started drinking power coffee, I was constantly making myself a cup o’ joe just to stay awake throughout the day. 10-12 oz in the morning, an additional 6-8 oz in the afternoon, then sometimes another cup in the evening hours. Still, I was exhausted at the end of the day! It didn’t seem to matter how much coffee I got in my system, I was still tired. Something had to give.

The Collagen Difference

After some research, I came across the benefits of adding collagen to my daily regimen. Skin, gut, and joint health were all advertised. My main purpose for trying was definitely joint health. I had some hip discomfort as well as popping of the knees when I would use the stairs. Keep in mind, I’m barely in the my thirties! However, my body was feeling much, much older.

Multi Collagen Protein is a great add-in for your morning coffee

I broke down, got myself some collagen powder, started adding a scoop to my morning coffee, then waited and prayed for some results.

So I broke down, got myself some collagen powder, started adding a scoop to my morning coffee, then waited and prayed for some results. Within about 2 or 3 weeks, it hit me… I had stopped drinking a second cup of coffee every day. I miraculously had energy without it! Who knew that was even a benefit?

It took a little longer to notice the difference in my joints, but finally sweet relief did come! I can’t say I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin or gut health. However, I have had many people comment on my skin since, so maybe there is a difference and I’m just my own worst critic? Most likely the case. I’ve always had a relatively healthy gut, so I’m not entirely surprised about the lack of change in that area.

Creating My Secret Weapon

Adding collagen to my coffee was just the beginning. Before too long ghee & MCT oil joined the party. End result: “Momma’s Power Coffee”

Ghee is clarified butter, sounds like something you probably wouldn’t want in your coffee, right? Absolutely Wrong. This stuff is fabulous! Promotes good digestion, added focus, and is a natural mood and energy booster. Plus, it froths up real nice, adding an incredibly yummy and smooth flavor to my already delicious coffee.

MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides) – Love this stuff! If you are struggling with a little extra jiggle in your middle, this could be a good option for you. MCT oil can help with weight management and encourage a healthy body composition. Plus, it’s absolutely great for boosting your metabolism. The plus side? It’s totally flavorless.

Keto Friendly Energy Boosting Power Coffee made with Ghee, MCT Oil and Collagen

Momma’s Power Coffee Recipe


10 oz of freshly brewed or pressed coffee

1 scoop multi collagen powder or recommended dosage (mine is around 7g)

1 tbsp ghee (my ghee of choices is a 50/50 blend of ghee and coconut oil)

1 tbsp MCT oil

Optional: almond milk creamer, milk frother


First, I pour my collagen supplement & ground turmeric into the bottom of my stainless steel 16 ounce coffee mug.

*Note, I use a Keurig coffee maker and this type of cup fits perfectly underneath my model. If you make coffee by the pot or have a different model of coffee maker, you may need to make some variations to your power coffee making methods.

Second, I brew my coffee straight into the cup. Simple and easy so far, right?

Next, I add in the MCT oil & ghee. The gross looking oil separation is totally normal. Don’t let that keep you from trying it.

Last, I add a splash of almond milk creamer, then froth up with my hand held milk frother to get my oils mixed in. The tiny bit of milk combined with the frothing motion, make this drink very smooth and enjoyable. You are welcome to skip the creamer, and simply stir by hand. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t look nearly as pleasant without the frothing step. If you don’t have a frother or know where to get one, Target sells this awesome little guy for a super doable price! I have the Bodum Schiuma milk frother and it works wonders!

This stuff works

At first I thought it was a lot to remember, and maybe too much “stuff” was going into my coffee. However, the way I feel now and my lack of “needing caffeine in an IV” on a daily basis basically has me sold. I feel absolutely great, and it’s possible that I have even trimmed up a little. This coffee is liquid gold you guys!

I encourage you to try it too! Please let me know what you think. Love it? Hate it? Tweaked it a little? I enjoy hearing any input you might have!

Additional add ins to try:

  • 2 drops of peppermint vitality oil (my top pick!)
  •  a sprinkle of cinnamon and cardamom
  • 1 drop cinnamon bark vitality oil
  • 1/4 tsp Ground Turmeric
    • Turmeric is a powerful tool against inflammation and is great for brain, heart, and gut! It also works with your immune system, not against it. Adding it to your coffee can heat up the flavor a touch. So if it’s not your thing, I highly suggest trying it in pill form instead (that’s typically my go-to option)!

I hope you get the chance to do a little something for yourself today. Enjoy that coffee break momma!

Until Next Time