7 Fun Ways to Celebrate
the First Day Back to School
Homeschooling Edition…

Looking for fun new ways to celebrate the first day of school with your homeschoolers? Check out my back to school favorites!!

New to homeschooling and don’t know where to begin? Start here!

#1 Throw a Back to Homeschool Party

When we first started homeschooling, I was worried my children would be missing out. Missing out on school parties, social events, and more! But guess what?! They totally aren’t!

Back to school homeschool parties can be so incredibly simple to throw, you guys! Plus, my kids totally love them! We’ve thrown school parties for holidays, the 100th day of school, and the first day of school.

How to Throw a Back to School Party

  • Print decorations, make them, or have your children help decorate! When we threw our 100th day of school party my kids decorated the wall with 100 things during the party. Win-Win! I’ve totally done this with holiday parties as well. Simply decorate as you go! A few streamers and balloons thrown about don’t hurt either.
  • Serve fun snacks. Seriously though, nothing screams party to a kid like a special snack they don’t get every day. Simple ideas like cookie or cupcake decorating will send their day over the top! You can also go the extra mile and Pinterest some special themed foods, I tend to keep ours super simple though! Sometimes less is more.
  • Get crafty & have fun! The last thing you need for a successful back to homeschool party is simple, fun activities for your kiddos to do! Typically we go with a simple game & a craft, but your party can be whatever you make it! Go simple or go all out, it’s totally up to you! Fun Tip: Your craft choice can totally double as a decoration if you want it to!

#2 Go on a Field Trip

NOTHING says back to homeschool like celebrating all the public school kids being back in school! Ha ha! My favorite way to celebrate this? Planning a field trip!!! Once schools have started back up, it’s time for homeschoolers to take back their museums, parks, and libraries! Can you feel me?

Seriously though, what better way to celebrate back to school than by visiting your favorite homeschool hangout on day one of your new year!

Still want to do lessons on your first day back, but unsure how to incorporate them into a first day of school field trip? Check out how we  Homeschool at the Library!

Homeschool Field Trip Ideas for the First Day of School

#3 Play Educational Games

This is so fun, you guys!! If planning a full party is not your style, than this is a super simple alternative!

Simply plan a full or half day of fun educational games for your kiddos! Choosing educational activities to start your homeschool year is not only fun, but it’s also a wonderful way to help your kids ease into the idea of learning again. Especially if you’ve taken the summer off from all formal lessons!

Not sure how to plan games for the day? Simply plan a game to replace each core subject your child will be working on for the coming school year! You can find our top picks for language arts below!

Play Fun Games for the First Day of School at Home

This is great for learning new words and practicing spelling. Simply play the traditional way or make up your own rules and themes!

Have younger learners? Purchase some word tiles & play a word competition game instead. Give each child the same amount of letters and shout out sight or spelling words for them to spell! First one done wins that round!

Looking for printable games instead? Check out ABC-123-Shape BINGO for early learners & Sight Word BINGO for grades K-3!

#4 School Outside or at the Park

This! If your kids crave the outdoors and aren’t quite ready to reign it in just yet, simply take for your first day of school outside! You can plan a full or half day of formal lessons, simply introduce the course books, or even talk about your expectations for the year. All while enjoying one last full day outside!

We tend to take our school outside often in the fall months anyway. I like to keep it super simple and just enjoy our school work with lots of play mixed in.

Homeschool at the Park for a Special First Day of School Homeschool Activity

Simple Tip: When schooling outside, set goals & take breaks often. I tend to complete one task with my daughter, then send her to play for 5 minutes, complete a second task, then more play, and so on!

#5 Make & Take First Day Keepsakes!

Ok, had to throw this one in here! Not going to lie… I totally do this every single year, you guys!

I go all out too.

I pick out back to school outfits, print the photo signs, take the pictures. I do it all! I just feel like there is something iconic and nostalgic about taking that first day of school photo! Not only are they fun and give your kids (and you) a sense of normalcy, but they also spark that amazing feeling of tradition that something big is happening!

Transitioning from one grade (or level) to another is big, you guys! Why not celebrate it?!

Another fun keepsake idea? Fun first day printables! I absolutely love doing these with my kids. It’s fun to see how their interests & personalities change over the years.

Looking for free printables to use in your back to school celebration? Sign up for my newsletter below…

Free Back to Homeschool Printable Signs

#6 Go out for Breakfast

FOOD! The number one way to celebrate literally anything.

Going out to eat or fixing a special meal is the perfect way to kick your new homeschool year off on the right foot! Sometimes I simply let my kids pick our special first day of school breakfast and other times I choose to surprise them! It’s so much fun, you guys!

Fun Breakfast Ideas for the First Day of School

Useful Tip: You can go totally simple with your first day of school celebration by only having a special breakfast, or you can celebrate all day long by using it as the start to your homeschool party!!

#7 Simply Don’t School at All (look over courses, talk about expectations, have fun!)

There you have it! The easiest back to homeschool celebration of all!!

Simply ease into your first homeschool day by discussing expectations for the year, looking over your new course books, and talking about your upcoming homeschool schedule. You can even us this time to brainstorm field trip & future party ideas with your kids!

Take time to explain how to use the homeschool curriculum

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