DEAR Day & Other
Reading Activities…

If you have been following our family at all, you already know that we are a bunch of book lovers. So reading activities are pretty much the heart of our homeschool!

From planning a DEAR Day to simply hitting the library, reading is always a top pick activity around here.

Want to take your reading game up a level? Check out our top reading activities below!

Create a Reading Place

YES!! Reading is so much more fun when you have a special place to do it! This can be accomplished by simply tossing some beanbags in a corner & attaching a couple shelves to the wall in your multipurpose/homeschool room… OR you can go all out!

Fun Additions
for Your Reading Nook…

  • Beanbag Chairs

This is a super simple way to make reading just a tad more fun! Not into bean bag chairs or simply can’t afford the extra expense? Grab old pillows (or even purchase fun new ones) to add to the space instead! Nothing says come read like a soft, comfy reading corner!

  • Twinkle Lights

Yes! Twinkle lights seriously make everything better when you’re a kid! You can easily purpose old Christmas lights or purchase new.

  • Revolving Bookshelves

Ok, hear me out. I’m not talking a literal revolving bookcase that moves… I’m actually talking about a bookcase that is always filled with new reading material. Simply rotate books every few days to keep it interesting and inviting!

  • Snack Station

Enough said. Snacks & reading just go together… am I right?

  • Book Art

Nothing says come read in this special place quite like some fun reading quotes!!

  • Tent

Guys, this is where it’s at! If you don’t have a surplus of excess room in your home, a fold able tent can be a magical thing! We use ours for Quiet Time often! Fort building with blankets works as well!

  • Other Activities

This! If you have children that struggle with the idea of reading or can only do it in small increments…. adding some extra reading activities to their special place is a must! Simply activity books & stickers books usually do the trick!

Take it Outside

Such a super simple thing to add to your list of reading activities, you guys!! Encourage your kids to grab a blanket and a book, then head outdoors! This can easily be done in your very own backyard, however mixing it up can be fun too! Check out our top 3 places to read outdoors!

  • In the Sandbox

Ok, if you live by the beach, that totally works too! However, we live smack dab in the middle of the US… (this totally means no beaches for us). We do, however, have a sandbox in our backyard! My kids are totally obsessed and would spend half the day in there if I would let them… encouraging them to take a book? No brainier! They’ve got their entire day booked (ha ha, see what I did there?!).

*Note: This may not be the best option for littles, unless you like the idea of sand tucked between each page that is!

  • At the Park

Easy. Peasy. Nothing says a great reading day quite like the park! This is actually a great option if you have littles! Older kids can spend their day reading while younger siblings get in a combination of reading activities and playing! Huge win for the homeschool mom!

  • At the Zoo

Um. Yes please! We are obsessed with our local zoo and nature centers… bring books into the picture and it might just be the perfect day. Not even joking! If you have little animal lovers, this could be a top reading activity for your homeschool!

Library Day

Ok, this really has to be the most simple choice of all! Planning fun field trips to the library is a great way to fuel a day worth of hardcore reading! Plus, this totally means ENDLESS books for your homeschool DEAR day!! Want more tips for taking your homeschool to the library for the day? Check out Homeschooling at the Library for more info!

Turn it into a Game
or Competition…

Have a reluctant reader? This could be the answer you’ve been looking for! Encourage reading by planning special reading activities or events for your homeschool! Try creating your own reading bingo or scavenger hunt! Looking for a reading activity to use right now?

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