Easy Homeschool PE Activities
That Wont Break the Budget…

Struggling to find PE activities that are both cost effective and easy to fit into your homeschool schedule?

If staying home to workout is an option for your homeschool, try fitting simple 10 minute workouts in throughout your day!

Check out 10 Minute Homeschool Workout Ideas for all the details on how we fit simple exercise into our daily routine!

Need Outside of the Home PE Activities?

If working out at home, walking on a trail near your house, or riding bikes around the neighborhood aren’t easily accessible options for you and your family, you might consider one of these less budget friendly options instead!

#1 Recreational or Competitive Sports Leagues

Enroll your children in sports programs through your local gym, dojo, or parks & rec sporting complexes!

The options are almost endless!

Some of the fun sports programs your children can participate in along side their peers are (but not limited to) the following!


  • Archery
  • Baseball/Tball
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Cheer
  • Dance/Ballet
  • Fencing
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey/Ice Skating
  • Martial Arts
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Tennis
Any of these PE activities can easily fit in to any homeschool schedule when done as a recreational sport! However, the more time consuming competitive leagues can super be fun as well! Just keep in mind they will cost more and take up more of your time.
Not sure how to find these options in your area?

Follow these simple steps!

First, ask around!
Sometimes the best PE activities and homeschool advice you can find will come from other homeschool moms! I highly consider joining a local homeschool community on Facebook where you can connect with other moms in the area!
Second, take to Google!
You can easily find class schedules and programs at most local studio, gym, or parks & rec program online!
Don’t forget to look up 4H & UPWARD programs in your area as well!
While most of these programs aren’t limited to only homeschoolers and tend to be done in the evening hours, they still totally count as homeschool PE time.
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#2 Local Gyms & Fitness Centers

So much this!!

If recreational (or competitive) sporting isn’t in the budget because you have a large family, or your children simply aren’t into it, local gyms and fitness centers are where it’s at!

Check out some our favorite gym options for PE activities below!

  • Traditional Gym Memberships

    If you are only homeschooling middle school & high school, consider purchasing a gym membership for yourself and your teenage children. This is as simple as it can get, you guys!

    Why I love this idea: Not only is this easy to fit in to any schedule, but many gyms allow children 13+ to workout alongside their parents! This can be a great time to bond with your teenagers!

  • YMCA Memberships

    Have a large family with children of all ages? Utilize your local YMCA!

    YMCA memberships include free (or low cost) fitness classes and sports programs! Many facilities are also equip with lots of great equipment, lap pools, and sometimes even a full running track!

    Why I love this idea: Typically this is one of the better options for large families simply because child care for littles is included in your monthly membership pricing. Plus, with the wide array of events and programs, you will likely be saving money (compared to putting all your children in separate sporting activities and paying for child care so you can workout at a traditional gym).

    When my kids were little, this was our go to option and the monthly membership was totally worth it!

  • Ninja Gyms


Ok, I didn’t even know this was a thing until I heard another homeschool mom mention it, and now I can’t wait to try this one out for my own kids! Unfortunately we don’t have a local place that offers these classes yet, but I did some research on the topic anyway.

Typical ages appear to be as young as 18 months – 13 years. However, this varies greatly by location.

Check out The Ninja Zone to find a location in your area!

“NinjaZone is a super fun combination of gymnastics, martial arts and obstacle training. Our NinjaZone program will instill confidence and discipline, and is perfect for your “on the go” child” – Glacier Gymnastics

  • Trampoline Parks

These are so much fun and such great exercise, making them a great go to option!

Hands down, one of our top choices for homeschool PE activities!

While your local trampoline park may have a different schedule than ours, you are likely to find a similar set up!

Our top choice: Sky Zone.

We love this trampoline park because our local one has homeschool PE hour twice a month, as well as many other reasonably priced programs and events! Sky Zone also has a monthly membership program for those that want to utilize the facilities often!

Another popular trampoline park (this is new to our area) is Urban Air.

We haven’t’ personally been to one yet, but they look awesome! In addition to the trampolines, our local Urban air also has a rock wall, playground area, and many other fun features that our Sky Zone doesn’t have.

Like Sky Zone, they do offer membership pricing, but unfortunately don’t have a homeschool gym hour!

#3 Public School Classes or Sports Programs

Just because your child is homeschooled, doesn’t mean they have to miss out on typical high school experiences – like sports.

Getting your child on a school football or track team can easily be a phone call away. Just remember – typical tryout rules still apply to homeschoolers.

While we haven’t done this with sports or PE, we have done it with both band and drivers ED!

Try contacting your local public (or private) school for the following…

  • Enroll younger children in PE classes

This is a great option for the energetic child that needs structured activities and engagement with peers.

The best part? Most schools are actually very willing to accommodate homeschoolers for extra curricular activities such as PE!

  • Have older children tryout for sports

Have an older child or teen that played competitive soccer or baseball, but their leagues don’t offer high school sports? Simply contact your local high-school’s sporting department to see if they have an opening!

This is a great way for your teenagers to stay active in the sports they love.

#4 Homeschool Mom Led Programs and Co-Ops

Co-ops, co-ops, co-ops…

This seems to be one of the most popular words thrown around in homeschool communities these days.

Just going to drop this one right here… We actually aren’t in a co-op. *gasp*

Which means… everything I list under this category is not and will never be my thing. I’m a huge introvert, so anything that involves working closely with, talking to, or being seen by other people on a regular basis totally freaks me out.

With that said, I feel like this is still a very valid option for many homeschool moms – just not an option for me… so I apologize in advance for lack of details and personal experience.

  • Co-Ops

With little effort, you should be able to find a co-op in your area! I know there are many in mine and I have personally been invited to attend a couple myself.

The great thing about co-ops? They tend to cover many different subjects and some even include PE activities (which is why you are here, right?).

Still can’t find a program or time that works for your family?

  • Start Something Yourself

If you can’t find a co-op in your area, contact local churches or community centers to see if you can use their facilities to start your own!

Simply pick a day that works for you and invite other homeschool moms to get involved!

If you are social and driven to lead, this can be a wonderful option for you! Brainstorming with local homeschool homes or in social media groups can both be great places to start.

#5 Out of the Box PE Ideas

Other simple ideas you can use out side of the home!

  • Visit inflatable play places

Open play hours at inflatable gyms is a great way to encourage your children to be more active! Unfortunately our local Pump It Up doesn’t have any homeschool programs or open jump times during the day, so we would have to opt for the weekend family jumps or after school program.

Still a fun out of the box idea to add to our list of PE activities!

  • Play Mini Golf

While not labor intensive, it is fun and engaging! It’s a little bit of a stretch, but I had to include it in my out of the box list.

  • Sign up for 5K races or other health related walks and events

What?! Great idea right?

I’m actually not much for anything that involves a crowd and 5K races definitely fit the bill.

With that said, if crowds or events are your thing… THIS is a winner for homeschool PE activities!!

With a little research, you are bound to find multiple 5K runs, walks, and other health related events in your area at any given time! Such a fun option, you guys! Definitely not a cost effective one if you are doing them as your main source of homeschool PE though.

  • Visit your favorite roller skating or ice skating rink

YES! You might just be surprised by how many places (such as skating rinks) host homeschool hours during the school year!

Our local ice skating rink actually has a $3 homeschool skate twice a month AND parents skate completely free. This is insane, you guys!! While we only take advantage of this a few times each winter, my kids always have a blast!!

One Final Tip…

Always, always, always ask questions!

If you don’t see a homeschool hour at your local trampoline park or gymnastics studio, simply ask if they already have one in place or might be hosting one soon! I think the answer might often surprise you.

Most places are more than willing to open their gyms, rinks, and parks up to homeschoolers during the school year simply because business is slower.

Even though my daughter does Gymnastics competitively, she absolutely loves her homeschool gym hour just as much!

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