That’s Not My Series
by Usborne Books and More…

The That’s Not My children’s book series by Usborne Books and More is a delightful collection of touch and feel board books for young learners!

These books are perfect for ages 9 months to 5 years. They are also a wonderful aid for special needs children that need lots of sensory play!

Interested in finding more titles in this series? Check out That’s Not My Series to get a detailed overview of the entire series or simply CLICK HERE to browse & shop all titles!

So Many Options…

With over 30 different titles to choose from, you are sure to find a book your little one will love! These books are filled with unique adjectives describing why each new character isn’t the correct one the reader is searching for!

These wonderful children’s book titles are also great for gift giving, donating, or simply adding to your homeschool library. This book series seriously has endless options for your preschooler or toddler!

Homeschooling Multiple Ages?

Try homeschooling with Usborne!

Toddlers and preschoolers are constantly learning, growing, and changing! Making this the perfect book series to add to your homeschool lineup! Simply pick out a handful of these titles to rotate in and out of your homeschool routine each month! Doing this will not only help your youngest children stay engaged in activity, but it also keeps things fresh and new! Plus these amazing children’s books are filled with fun new vocabulary words at the turn of a page!

Incorporate Usborne books in your Homeschool
by Adding Them to the Following Areas…

That’s Not My…
Kitten Book Reading

Have a little that just loves kittens? This is the kitten book for them!

My daughter is totally obsessed with kittens and she ranks this as her NUMBER ONE favorite kitten book of all time! Check out this adorable video of her reading her favorite That’s Not My title!

*Note: my daughter is not a self reader yet, she is reciting this book completely from memory.


That’s My Kitten!

I hope you enjoyed this short little video!

My daughter thoroughly enjoys this book and reads it often!

Kittens are her favorite, so she always has a lot of fun with this particular title. Plus, there is nothing as fulfilling as getting to that last page where she can rub the belly of her sweet kitten! So much fun and cuteness… I almost can’t handle it, you guys!

This series is the perfect solution if you want to help expand your child’s vocabulary or needs something to keep younger siblings busy while homeschooling older children! We have come across some exciting new words while reading this series together! What better way to learn, than through the pages of a book?

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