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This simple homeschooling pros and cons list is raw and straight from my heart, you guys!

Can You Take an Extended Break Without Getting Off Track?

If you have considered taking December off from homeschooling, but have never taken that jump… read on to hear our story – homeschooling pros and cons of taking an entire month off!

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December 3rd…

There I sat, in my living room, feeling completely drained and unmotivated to do anything about it.

It was Tuesday – Tuesday December 3rd to be exact.

Thanksgiving was the week before and it went by WAY too fast! We had somehow made it through our Monday lessons, but I just couldn’t seem to muster up the energy to make it through our Tuesday lessons.

I was craving simplicity. I was craving a break.

That’s when my light-bulb moment happened.


What if I just took this entire month off?

What if I decided to focus on making memories with my kids & enjoying the fun holiday traditions instead of working through homeschool lessons all month?

I quickly realized I needed to know the answer to my what ifs… So I jumped in head first.

I glanced over our pacing guide, rearranged a few things, and pushed all official lessons (and lesson planning) off till January!

I immediately felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders, but that quickly transitioned into terror.

A new what if had weaseled its way into my mind.

What if I can’t get back on track after this?

What if this break messes up the rest of our homeschool year?!

As a homeschool mom that suffers with anxiety and deals with the constant battle of over thinking all the things, this was a tough what if to overcome.

I had to force myself to relax and be in the moment.

It was totally hard, you guys!

Once I let go of the fear and began soaking up the simple, it all became crystal clear that this was the right decision for us!

Homeschooling Pros and Cons
Of Taking an Extended Holiday Break…

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Why I Decided to Take December Off…

As a working homeschool mom, I simply needed a break!

I would constantly find myself in this battle of rushing through all the things on my to do list and completely missing out on the little moments that the list was compiled of in the first place! I wanted to feel the holiday season in its entirety for the first time in… years.

What We Did During Our Break…

  • Went to the movies (twice)
  • Drank copious amounts of hot chocolate
  • Slept in
  • Snuggled daily
  • Participated in advent activities and books
  • Read through the entire book of LUKE
  • Made holiday crafts
  • Played board games
  • Baked too many cookies
  • Watched Christmas movies (then watched them again)
  • Read all the Christmas books we could find
  • Attended Christmas parties and events
  • Handed out gifts
  • Donated to the less fortunate
  • Scheduled play date with friends
  • Looked at tons of Christmas lights

I personally caught up on laundry (because apparently it’s just easier to do when you don’t have other things filling up your schedule, go figure)

What We Didn’t Do…

  • Formal Lessons
  • Anything involving too much structure

We didn’t have to worry about trying to fit lessons in with the extra holiday stuff or stress out over figuring out how to do extras while we had lessons to finish.

We simply did the extras and left the stress of homeschool lessons out of it.

Our Break Was…

This time off was a much needed refresher for all of us!

Even though we skipped structure for the most part, I was able to work on my personal planner by planning out the upcoming calendar year, setting personal goals, and getting creative! Something I haven’t been able to do for my self for a while!

I’m a huge planner, so this was actually a fun activity for me.

I also got to experience the holiday rush with NO rushing! As abnormal as it sounds, it was kinda awesome! I shopped online, wrapped gifts when I wanted, had impromptu baking days, and worked on special activities when I felt like it.

This No rush philosophy left plenty of time for snuggles, family traditions, and field trips! It was…not stress free by any means, but definitely what I would consider STRESSed-LESS.

The best part? When I look back at our December, I don’t just feel like it zoomed by! I feel like I was actually present.

Our First Day Back…

Okay, I couldn’t make a homeschooling pros and cons list about taking extended breaks without mentioning the after effects… Returning to schedule and routine after a whole month off mid homeschool year completely terrified me!!

So here it goes…

Our first day back actually went smoother than I ever could have imagined.

Not going to lie, I was completely terrified it was going to be stressful and H A R D.

We started lessons around 10am on January 2nd, slowly easing back into our routine.

I simply covered language lessons, encouraged lots of reading, and worked on handwriting with my youngest. I let my older 2 loose to work on what they wanted/needed.

Since our original plan wasn’t to start work (after the holidays) until January 6th anyway, I didn’t rush things or set any type of due dates.

It was amazing.

Day one back to homeschool 2020 was in the bag!

Then the real challenge came.

Prepping our second semester, finalizing our pacing guide, and starting back to full school routine the following Monday (January 6th).

Guess what?

We totally did it!

I got our homeschool stuff fully prepped over the weekend and somehow even managed to completely re-organize our entire office area (yeah, that last part was totally unplanned, but incredibly amazing!)

Then, our first FULL day back went on without a hitch! Our second day? Yeah, we made it through that with flying colors as well!!

I don’t know if it was just break itself or the fact that I learned to completely let go over the break, but I was finally feeling motivated again! I wake up with purpose and have been able to get things checked off my list again.

Did the Break Hinder the Rest of Our School Year?

I really don’t think so. Even though we are only officially 4 full days into our 2020 school year, I’m feeling confident and motivated again.

Will we do it again next year?

Right now I want to say YES, YES, YES!! Reality though? Come back and ask me in mid July when I’m still teaching lessons a couple times a week, haha!

All seriousness though, I do think the December off will be making a comeback for us in 2020 (and beyond).

Taking December off From Homeschooling
Pro and Cons Comparison…

While our break was a great fit for us, it may not be right for everyone! Check out our simple Extended Break Guide (a homeschooling pros and cons chart) below!

Schedule Got Thrown Out the Window.

Pro: This was amazing! Forgetting about schedule meant we could stay up late watching Christmas movies and sleep in if need be. It also meant we could have impromptu baking sessions, snuggles on the couch with endless books, and we could do whatever extras we wanted without the fear of getting behind or making deadlines.

Con: Laziness. Without structure, teenagers are prone to it and if we aren’t careful we can be too! We had some of this behavior sneak into our Christmas break (especially at the beginning) and it had to be nipped quickly! While there’s nothing wrong with a lazy day or even two… a whole month of lazy can really put a damper on things, making it even more difficult to return to schedule!

Getting All the Things Done.

Pro: Being able to put my focus wherever I wanted to for the day, without a set in stone plan, was refreshing for the most part! I wasn’t constantly being pulled in 3 or 4 different directions because of a to do list. If I needed to work on laundry and chose to relax in between loads, I totally could! Skipping the due dates of lessons also allowed us to focus on fitting all the holiday extras in! Something that would have been a difficult task other wise.

Con: I thrive with to do lists and so do 2 of my kids. I simply get more done if I write out a plan for myself. If we managed our time a little better over the break, we probably could have managed to squeeze more productive things in, plain and simple. Taking time off and managing that time well, isn’t always an easy task!

Could our month have been more productive in the housekeeping area, YES. Could we be further along in our homeschool lessons if we didn’t take this time off, also YES!

Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

Pro: Luckily for us this wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be! Something about the break left me completely refreshed and ready to tackle a new year.

With that said, I also took December off from working which I think also played a roll in my newfound motivation for getting back on track. I was actually able to let my guard down and relax over the break, so I was 100% ready for structure come January 6th!

Con: I crave productivity, so I don’t have a personal con here (at least not yet). My only possible one might come later this summer, when we don’t get a huge summer vacation (I will totally update you all on how that goes).

However, I do believe this can be the trickiest part for most homeschool moms! If you already struggle with motivation and typically have a hard time coming back to schedule after other large breaks, like summer vacation, this may be crazy hard for you!

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