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Simply be wild and free

100+ Free Educational Resources

Homeschooling on a budget? These free educational resources can help!


Free educational resources for homeschooling language arts! From simple worksheets for kids to full lanugage arts curriculum programs that can easily be printed and bound for full time schooling at home! 

Math Resources

Free educational resources for homeschooling math! From printable math worksheets for younger kids to fun online math games and interactive online math help for older students!

Hey guys!! 

Just a quick note — This free resource platform is constantly growing and changing! I am adding new things almost daily and will be for quite some time. 

If you would like to get updates on when future sections (science, geography, and history) are finally live, sign up for REAL TIME POST NOTIFICATIONS below! 

Simply Be Wild & Free Author - Mary

History / Geography Resources

History and Geography resources are live!


Science resources are live!


Fun school electives & extras for your homeschool! From free online music lessons & video art lessons to simple printable bible worksheets!

Multi-Subject RESOURCES

Free educational resources for teaching multiple subjects and grades! From amazing learning websites to free printable worksheets & activities.

Additional Resources

Homeschool Schedules

If you choose you use a schedule in your homeschool — Check out the Simple Block Schedule and Pacing Guides I utilize in our homeschool or try this Loop Schedule from Tech Savvy Homeschool.

Homeschool Planners

In need of a good planner for your homeschool? You can download the free 2020-2021 planner from Christian Book right HERE (this does require an email signup for delivery).

Other free homeschool planners:

Homeschooling high school? Check out the Four Year High School Planner Sheets via My Joy Filled Life


Homeschool Blogs & Facebook Communities

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Other great Facebook groups:


Miscellaneous resources for homeschool moms

Our News & Announcements

Check out our most recent blog posts & homeschool resources below!

Homeschooling 5th Grade & 6th Grade Workbooks

Homeschooling 5th Grade & 6th Grade Workbooks

Workbooks are a staple in our homeschool! We lean on them quite a bit during the summer time, but also enjoy using them during downtime throughout the year as well! This mega list of 5th and 6th grade workbooks are perfect for simple summer learning or as homeschool supplements!

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Homeschool Fourth Grade Workbooks

Homeschool Fourth Grade Workbooks

Homeschooling Fourth GradeUsing Simple Workbooks... I love using workbooks in our homeschool - especially for those pesky summer months! Not only do they come in handy for months off from school, but they also work great as a simple addition to your school year! You...

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How to Work from Home and Homeschool

How to Work from Home and Homeschool

If you find yourself wondering if you can truly homeschool while working full time, you aren’t alone! Mom around the world have been thrown into the work from home and homeschool world, and I personally know how overwhelming that feels at first! I have been doing the working-homeschool mom gig for almost 3 years now and it is just plain hard sometimes!

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I am a God fearing, homeschool mom of 3. I strive to provide a happy, healthy lifestyle for my children, but I am by no means an expert on anything. I simply just want to share my journey. I enjoy coffee, wine, journaling, interior design, good books, dogs, laughter, & snuggles. I believe life should be lived to its fullest. Organization, education, & health all play a role in this thing called life, which is why I am a Thirty One consultant, UBAM consultant, and a Young Living distributor. Homeschooling is my family’s lifestyle of choice, and we wouldn’t change it for anything. Together, we are all learning to Simply Be, WILD & FREE.

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