Stuck at home for the next 30 days? That seems to be a popular story right now! Kick the cabin fever to the curb with a little outdoor fun using these simple side walk chalk ideas and amazing kids activities!


Side Walk Chalk Ideas
30 Days of Chalk…

This is so simple, you guys!!

If weather permits — simply section off a small area on your driveway, sidewalk, fence, patio, or porch with masking tape each day for 30 days!

Using your masking tape, you can create a fun stained glass effect (and trust me, your technique will become killer after just a few days).

*Pro Tip: Using four fingers to rub the side walk chalk in before removing masking tape. This will create a more solid looking finish!

Traditional Chalk Coloring

Try rubbing the chalk in with your fingers!

Realistically though, most regions won’t have perfect weather for outdoor kid activities 30 days in a row — so check out some of these simple indoor kids activities as a side walk chalk alternative!!

*Pro Tip: Get creative and by adding simple shapes to the middle or your chalk art or turn your entire chalk masterpiece into an even more unique piece by making the entire project one big shape!

Indoor Stained Glass
Kids Activities & Crafts
30 Days of Fun…

Love sidewalk chalk ideas and other fun kids activities? Check out these simple 30 days of stained glass fun for indoors!

Sticking to the same effect as the side walk chalk activity above — try using masking tape (or art tape if you have it) and section off different shapes and designs onto your paper.

Try creating your indoor project with different art mediums such as

  • Watercolors
  • Finger Paints
  • Kwik Stix
  • Crayons
  • Colored Pencils
  • Chalk Pastels
  • Ink Pads
  • Markers

Want a break down of all our favorite art supplies? Check out 10 Must Have Craft Supplies for Kids

*Pro Tip: Use art tape in place of masking tape as it is made for paper and will cause less ripping.

*Pro Tip: Instead of using printer paper — use art medium specific paper to create a beautiful finish. Use water color paper for water color projects and pastel paper for your pastel version!

3 Simple Ways to Preserve
Your Child’s Art work…

  1. Create an art binder with paper protecting sleeves and a three ring binder to preserve your 30 days of artwork.
  2. Hang all of your art work in the windows (facing outside) of your home for people in the neighborhood to enjoy!
  3. Take a picture of your child with their artwork for the day and create a photo book of memories.

*Pro Tip: When keeping art made with chalk pastels, you will want to spray it with a sealant spray to preserve it better — this simply keeps the chalk from rubbing off onto other surfaces.

Other Fun Side Walk Chalk Ideas
For Spring and Summer…

Looking for simple side walk chalk ideas for kids? Check out some of our favorites!

  • Play tic-tac-toe
  • Make your own hopscotch
  • Create a city with roads to drive your hot wheels on
  • Draw circle walking stones a foot apart for a fun jumping game
  • Practice spelling words or sight-words
  • Create a unique relay race
  • Trace siblings, then give them funny hair or clothes
  • Create simple matching letter matching or number matching games for kids
  • Write encouraging notes or bible verses for neighbors or delivery drivers
  • Create a giant maze for kids to drive their toy cars through
  • Write encouraging notes or bible verses for neighbors or delivery drivers
  • Create giant game boards for family favorites
  • Use (or make your own) stencils and practice pattern making

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Other Fun Activities
for Kids…

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