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Technology can be great. However, it can also be extremely addictive if we aren’t careful. If you have found yourself stuck in the never ending cycle of mindless scrolling, hold tight!

First, know that you aren’t alone! Second, remember you can easily break the cycle! I encourage you to try out the 30 day challenge below! Feel free to contact me if you need any encouragement along the way!

Don’t fret. This challenge isn’t meant to be overwhelming or stressful. Each day you will challenge yourself to spend a few minutes doing something else when tempted to use your phone. The first challenge is just 10 minutes, easy peasy! Each day you will do all the previous days challenges, as well as adding on the current challenge for the day. This method will have you ending at 3 hours of non screen time on day 30. If you’re up for it, start today!

If you missed my recent post on Technology Addiction, I encourage you to give it a read before you start the challenge.

The challenge!

*I suggest you keep a fun notebook or journal handy to use for this challenge on a daily basis.

Day 1 – The first time you reach for your phone today, stop. Take 10 minutes and spend it with our Heavenly Father in prayer or scripture instead.

Day 2 – Spend 5 minutes creating doodles in your notebook instead of using social media or gaming.

Day 3 – Put down the phone and March in place for 5 minutes, get that blood flowing!

Day 4 – Take 5 minutes to catch up on your water intake. Down 8-16 ounces. You need it after all that marching.

Day 5 – Create a goals page in your notebook. Spend 5 minutes writing a goal for the day, celebrate when reached!

Day 6 – Spend 5 minutes reading with your children instead of using your smart phone.

Day 7 – Do a quick chore you always put off, but can get done in about 5 minutes of no screen time.

Day 8 – Begin a list of affirming and uplifting words in your journal. Spend 5 minutes adding to the list each day.

Day 9 – Take 5 minutes off the screen to play a quick round of tic-tac-toe or other simple game with your child.

Day 10 – Skip the phone scrolling in the evening and read silently for 15 minutes instead!

Day 11 – No mindless scrolling – No mindless eating! You’ve made it through a 3rd of this challenge. Pat yourself on the back, grab a healthy snack, relax and enjoy it during today’s 5 minute screen free time!

Day 12 – Take a 5 minute walk. Around the block, at a park, or just around your living room. Doesn’t matter where, just leave the screen behind.

Day 13 – Spend 5 minutes talking to someone else about whatever they want to talk about. In person. No screens around.

Day 14 – Be present with the Lord. Take 5 minutes to pick up a second dose of scripture or prayer with Him today.

Day 15 – Sit back, open your journal and spend 5 minutes you would have normally spent on your phone to write down a person you are grateful for and why.

Day 16 – Make your screen free 5 minutes a productive 5 minutes today! Use it to clean out that junk drawer, organize the mail bin, or whatever other small mundane organizing tasks that have been piling up around the house.

Day 17 – Take 10 minutes from the computer or tablet to play “Simon Says” or “Red light, Green light” with your kids. It’s a simple moment, that will bring them lots of laughter.

Day 18 – Using your journal, spend 5 minutes writing fun poems. Add to them, or start new ones each day.

Day 19 – Give yourself a 5 minute “time out”. Step away from the crazy, and do absolutely nothing but sit back and relax. Deep breathing exercises suggested.

Day 20 – Start a family puzzle. Spend 10 minutes doing a small one each day, or pick a larger one to work on for the remainder of the challenge.

Day 21 – Create a “5 minute band” with your children. Pull out the kiddie instruments or the pots and pans! Just spend 5 minutes creating fun music with your littles.

Day 22 – Do 5 minutes of simple stretches instead of reaching for a smart phone in your down time today.

Day 23 – Start a new journal page that you can fill with favorite quotes or bible verses. If you need to, do a little research. Books only though, no screens! Take 5 minutes and jot something down.

Day 24 – Take 5 minutes to study this beautiful world God created. If the weather allows, head outdoors so you can experience all the sights and sounds.

Day 25 – Have a 5 minute “who can stay frozen the longest” competition with your children. Staring contests, or the quiet game can also be substituted here.

Day 26 – Spend 5 minutes teaching your children life skills. This can be something as simple as how to make a sandwich, or a little more complex such as starting a load of laundry.

Day 27 – Add a new page to your journal titled “This is Me”. Write as many good qualities you can think of about yourself in 5 minutes.

Day 28 – Take 5 minutes to share favorite memories with your children. Ask about theirs, sharing some of your own as well.

Day 29 – Add 5 more minutes into your daily time with the Lord. Break away from the screen and thank Him for this glorious day.

Day 30 – Take these last 10 challenge minutes and do something nice for yourself today! Something you may need, but don’t always take the time to do. This could be as simple as applying lotion to your under moisturized legs or painting your neglected toe-nails. Just take 10 minutes and spend them on you!

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If you’re reading this, I hope that means you have finished your 30 day challenge successfully!! It should also mean that it’s time to celebrate! Spending 3 hours off the screen and truly engaging in these important areas of your life yourself in your life doing is a huge deal! While we all may walk a slightly different road, the goal of this challenge is the same for us all! Get off the screen and take back your life. Feel free to tweak this challenge however and wherever you need, as long as your off the phone 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to share your experience with me!

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