Homeschooling Second Grade - Second Grade Workbooks


Homeschooling Second Grade
Using Simple Workbooks…

Homeschool Second Grade using Simple Second Grade Workbooks and Second Grade Worksheets for Kids

Workbooks and worksheets are both staples in our homeschool. Not only are they helpful for kidding summer boredom, but they also come in super handy during the school year as well! You can easily homeschool second grade with the use of a good solid homeschool curriculum and 2nd grade workbooks.

Check out all our 2nd grade workbooks recommendations below!

2nd Grade Workbooks

I tend to lean on workbooks and worksheets more over the summer months than I do during our typical homeschool year. However, many of these second grade workbooks are great for year round learning as well.

Want to know how I use workbooks and worksheets for my own kids over summer break? Check out Summer Worksheets & Workbooks to get all the details on how I create simple worksheet packs out of workbooks!

Homeschooling Second Grade
Additional Fun…

Homeschooling second grade is a new one for me! My older 2 children attended school (outside of the home) at this age and my youngest is just about to embark on her second grade journey! So exciting!

Check out some of the fun activities I will be including in our second grade line-up!

Homeschool Activities for Second Grade…

  • Read Aloud Books – Read aloud books are timeless. They really are perfect for homeschool every single grade, and I’m so excited to continue this activity through my daughter’s second grade homeschool year. This year we will be doing Farmer boy and a handful of books from the Who Was series!
  • Creative Writing/typing – My daughter has formed a recent love for story telling and has shown great interest in learning how to type – so I figure, why not try it. This may not be the typical age for this activity, but I’m excited to let her dabble in simple creative writing and typing skills.
  • Cursive Handwriting – YES! This is almost a lost art anymore. I’ve heard of many public schools considering cutting cursive handwriting completely and others that already have. Second grade is a great time to add simple cursive lessons in.

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Including Second Grade Worksheets…

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