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Homeschooling Third Grade
Third Grade Worksheets & Workbooks…

Homeschool Third Grade using Simple Third Grade Workbooks and Third Grade Worksheets for KidsI love using simple workbooks for kids & fun kid worksheets in our homeschool! Not only are these tools useful for simple summer learning, but they also come in super handy all year long! You can easily homeschool third grade with only a third grade homeschool curriculum. However, additional third grade worksheets and 3rd grade workbooks are great go to options when you have a child that struggles!

Check out all our 3rd grade workbooks recommendations below!

3rd Grade Workbooks

Even though I mostly use workbooks and worksheets over the summer with my own kids, we also fit them in from time to time during our homeschool year as well.

Want to know how we incorporate workbooks into our summer learning? Check out Summer Worksheets & Workbooks to get all the details. Plus, get simple tips for turning third grade worksheets and workbooks into simple summer summer learning packs for kids!

Homeschooling Third Grade
Worksheets and More…

You can homeschool third grade with simple curriculum & fun extras! Try adding these simple kid activities and third grade worksheets to your third grade line-up!!

Grade 3 Spelling Lists – via Tree Valley Academy

Printable Multiplication Worksheets – Via Hess Un-Academy

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Free Homeschool Resources
Including Third Grade Worksheets…

Did you know Simply Be Wild & Free has a free resource library for homeschoolers? This resource hub has free homeschool curriculum, printable worksheets, and even online helps for homeschooling preschool-highschool! This resource center also has plenty of third grade worksheets!

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