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Homeschooling Fourth Grade
Using Simple Workbooks…

Mega List of Homeschool Workbooks and Homeschool Resources for Homeschooling Fourth Grade StudentsI love using workbooks in our homeschool – especially for those pesky summer months! Not only do they come in handy for months off from school, but they also work great as a simple addition to your school year! You can easily homeschool fourth grade with the use of a good solid homeschool curriculum and 4th grade workbooks.

Check out all our fourth grade workbooks recommendations below!

4th Grade Workbooks

I tend to lean more on workbooks and worksheets for kids over the summer months than I do during our typical homeschool year. However, many of these 4th grade workbooks are great for year round learning as well.

Want to know how I use workbooks and worksheets over summer break? Check out Summer Worksheets & Workbooks to get all the details on how I create simple worksheet packs out of my own kid’s workbooks!

Homeschool Fourth Grade
Additional Activities…

When I homeschooled my fourth grader, we were actually doing online public school, which left little room for extras. However, we have since switched gears and I homeschool my children with the use of simple homeschool curriculum (and yes sometimes even workbooks!).

I truly look forward to each grade with my youngest and her fourth grade homeschool year is only 2 short years away! It seems crazy to think that we are already this far in our homeschool journey!

With the help of a fellow homeschool blogger, I put together this little set of additional homeschool fourth grade resources! Check them out below!

Homeschool Activities for fourth Grade…

  • Simple Math Helps – Yes! If there is one thing I remember about my son being in fourth grade, it’s the math. Fourth grade is a critical time for students. Memorizing multiplication facts and gaining the ability to work through more difficult division problems are a must! Check out these 2 math helps that are perfect for homeschooling fourth grade! Free Printable Multiplication Worksheets & Free Division Worksheets – Via Hess Un-Academy
  • Fun Science Activities – Science activities for kids are a must for any age! I’m not huge into messes and extra work, however my kids absolutely love a good hands on project and fourth grade is the perfect time to get those hands dirty with a little STEAM fun! Check out this fourth grade approved activity! How to Make Rock Candy – Via Hess Un-Academy

More Homeschool Help

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Free Homeschool Resources
Including Fourth Grade Worksheets…

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