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The Thirty-One Catch-All Bin is a newer product. Having been released in the last couple years, I don’t feel like it gets nearly as much love as it should! When people think of Thirty-One, it’s typically the iconic utility tote that comes to mind. However, this product is extremely versatile and looks great in any living space. So, I encourage you to stick around to see how we use ours, and find some new ideas or possibilities for your own! With the wonderful structured, yet open construction, This amazing bin can definitely handle your clutter. It’s made of polyester and can fold up flat for easy storage if needed. The handle makes it easy to toss stuff in and carry wherever you need. The versatility is what makes this product so fabulous!

Thirty-One Catch All Bin used as a Bible basket

Thirty-One for homeschooling

I try and touch on this in most of my product posts. Homeschooling IS our life. So naturally, if a product comes into our home… homeschooling will be incorporated in one way or another. I was incredibly excited when I ordered the Thirty-One Catch-All Bin for our living room. I knew just what I wanted to use it for and had some fun designing it to fit in with our decor. When it came I eagerly opened it up, gave it a proper space beside the couch, and filled it up! It still sits there to this day, and we use it all the time.

Thirty-One for life

Now at this point you are probably wondering what in the world we use it for, and why I’m so excited about it. Well, let me tell you! This amazing product actually has dual usage in our home. We use it in the morning during our homeschool time and in the evenings for family time. We call it our “Bible Bin”. In this house we start our homeschool day with devotion and if we’ve all survived the day well enough to remember, we end our day with family bible time. It works out perfectly.

Something important you need to know, is that this bin is large! The Thirty-One Catch-All Bin can hold our bibles and current devotional books. It not only works perfectly for this purpose, but it also looks nice and stands up to my kids constantly getting into it. Also, please take note of the personalization I chose for this bin. I spent some quality time in God’s word looking for the perfect verse to use. I wanted something that represented what this bin was going to be for our family. We use it both morning and night to worship the One who gave us breathe. This verse is so fitting and beautifully describes what we want to do in our daily walk with Him.

Psalms 92:2

Other Uses for the Fabulous Catch-All Bin

  • Gift baskets for weddings & baby showers
  • Shoe collector for the entry way
  • Video game controller & remote storage
  • Toy keeper
  • Car trunk storage
    Linen closet or pantry organization
  • Knitting supplies
  • Guest towels bin
  • Large diaper station
  • Family game night bin
  • Stuffed toy holder
  • Library book keeper
  • Personalized housewarming gifts

The possibilities are endless and the personalization options make them yours! This product is a definite keeper!!

I would love to hear from you! Comment below to share the creative way that you use your Catch-All Bin.

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