Ten 10 minute workouts to easily incorporate into your Homeschool day

If you’re struggling with incorporating active time into your homeschool day, don’t fret! We all have those days where time gets away from us and before we know it, we’ve been cooped up inside all day working on lessons, craft projects, and reading assignments. This is exactly why I created a go to list of simple 10 minute activities your children can do to get their blood flowing. Kids can learn so much better when their entire body is functioning at it’s best. Exercise is essential! Plus, these activities are easily adaptable for kids (and moms) of all ages! Getting involved and being active with your kids might just encourage them to keep up the good habit!

  1. The 10 minute competition

    – Ok. I have to admit, this is a fun one! Even for Mom! If your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE the outdoors. So when we have a rainy or cold day and outdoors is off the table they get fidgety and cranky, something I am definitely not a fan of. Fidgety and cranky kids can make for a cranky mother, ya feel me? For days like this I pick a couple exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, or crunches and we all compete! Who can do the most crunches in 5 minutes?! Now, if you have competitive children you might need to lay down some ground rules, proper form is important. The main goal is to workout, not get injured!

  2. Have a race

    – This is a similar concept to the last one. As a mom of 2 boys, I understand they need some healthy competition. Who better to compete with than your kid brother? Right? Ha! Now this isn’t exactly an easy one to incorporate into your day if you live on a busy street or are in the middle of a snow storm. However, it can be a great option if your circumstances allow!

    We live in a small subdivision and have a nearby track that I can see from my back deck. So when we are experiencing the mid day lag and my boys need to get outside, we have a race! They line up at our back fence, my 5 year old daughter (who stays behind with me) yells “On your mark, get set, GO!”. I start the stop watch on my phone and off they go. We don’t really focus on who the winner is, we more compare their current time to their previous  time. Still a great competition though, plus they are totally worn out when they get back. If you have littles and don’t feel like this could work for you, adapt! Typically my daughter plays outside while they run and I keep an eye out for their return. I could totally go with them and take my 5 year old if I really wanted to, and I find that as a valid option from time to time. I usually just soak in the Vitamin D and relax for those few moments instead. A great refresher for this Mom.
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  3. Take a ride

    – BIKES!! My kids absolutely love bike riding!! I think they would do it all day long if they could (there have been a handful of days I darn near let them!). There is nothing they love more than a mid afternoon bike ride around the block after a difficult math lesson. Again, this is an outdoor weather permitting activity. Unfortunately with the Kansas weather, we could have spring one day and freezing winter the next! So bike rides aren’t always an option. It was literally in the 60s yesterday and we are preparing for some snow tonight, typical. When applicable though, if you have older more independent kiddos, bike rides are where it’s at! Littles can always stay near home with Mom doing their own fun outdoor activities!

  4. Every body jump

    – Think trampoline! I’m not talking about one of those huge, expensive, outdoor things either. I’m talking about a small exercise trampoline for your home. Kids think they are a blast and it’s a great cardio workout! You can even incorporate math into workouts for the younger kiddos. My daughter loves when we do this! I usually grab some dice from our hefty game collection, let her role, then she gets to jump that many times!! It’s no longer exercise, it’s a fun game!! We also do “five minute jumps” where we all take turns jumping for 5 solid minutes, no stopping. Definitely gets the heart rate up, which is the end goal.Jumping on a mini exercise trampoline is a great workout for homeschoolers too

  5. Have a dance party

    – This is a family favorite and my kids never think of it as a workout! In between lessons and chores, if we can’t break free and get outside, dancing is always the answer! Turn on some music and dance it out. Sometimes we like to all do the same moves together, other times we just go crazy. You can seriously work up a sweat dancing, plus it’s fun! So much laughter and joy comes when we have a dance party in our living room. It’s free and you don’t need lots of space or a ton of time to devote to it. Definitely my kind of activity! We seriously have a blast with this one.

  6. Stretch it out

    – This one is good and so incredibly simple. Stretching is really good for us! It wakes our bodies up and gets the blood flowing. I know I feel so much better on days that I stretched first thing, so why wouldn’t my kids? This doesn’t even have to take a full 10 minutes out of your day. It can even be as little as 2-3 minutes if your extremely limited on time. Stretching is a great thing to incorporate into your school morning or afternoon. I do this a lot with my 5 year old daughter, my boys tend to join in from time to time as well. It’s just a great, simple option when you don’t have the energy for an entire workout routine.Squats, lunges, and stretches can be done just about anywhere, even in the kitchen

  7. Lunges here, lunges there, lunges everywhere

    – This one is hardcore and I’ve participated in it myself. Talk about burn, wowza! Snow coming down outside and you’ve exhausted your options? Try encouraging your kids to do lunges every time they need to get up. They need a cup of water? Do lunges the whole way there. Trip to the bathroom? More lunges. You can set a specific time limit or make it a challenge for the entire day! Just use your best judgement on what might work best for the kids in your household. If you have children that are constantly on the move, all day might be too much for them to handle.

  8. Make it a game

    – Ok, this one is a little off the wall, but I had to include it on this list. My kids actually made this up one beautiful summer day. They literally spent hours doing it, so it may actually be longer than a 10 minute workout. A fun activity either way though! So the kids draw a ton of chalk circles stretching from one end of our driveway all the way to the other end. Then they take turns hopping from circle to circle without landing outside of a circle. If they do miss a circle, they start over. Frontwards, backwards, sideways, leaping, they do it over and over again multiple different ways.

    While the original version my kids created may not be an option for a quick 10 minute workout, you can easily adapt it into an indoor activity. Throw some simple things on the floor. This can be anything you have multiples of that can’t be harmed easily. Wash cloths, pillow cases, or even pieces of paper. Have the kids line up and jump one by one through the house. Miss a Target? Start over! Too easy? Spread out the targets or mix up the rules. Have hard floors? Use a little masking tape instead so that the kids don’t slip. End result either way – The kids got up, they had fun, they got some exercise!

  9. Counting exercises

    – Simple, yet incredibly effective! Pick a number and a handful of exercises. You can do this a few different ways. If you pick a low number, let’s say 12, you can pick 12 different exercises and do 12 reps each. If you want to pick a higher number, like 60, you can pick 6 different exercises, doing 10 reps each, building up to 60 total. Choose a number “theme” and work towards a goal. Kids have fun with things like this. We did our own version for the 100th day of school last year. Our number was obviously 100. We picked out 10 simple exercises, and we did 10 reps of each, hitting 100 exercises for the day! Jumping jacks, squats, arm circles, crunches were all involved. It was simple, easy, and even a little fun!

  10. Invest in equipment

    – Ok, not an option for everyone. I get that. However, if your budget allows, this is a great option! You don’t need much space to have a great personal gym for your homeschool. My suggestion would be something like a Total Gym. We invested in one a few months back and use it multiple times a week. We don’t leave it set up, because we simply just don’t have the room. It’s surprisingly easy to store and doesn’t take up too much room, so this was a fabulous option for us.

    A Total Gym makes a great addition to a home without taking a lot of spaceMy husband spent some quality time explaining how to use it and taught my 13 year old how to set it up on his own. My older boys enjoy using it for 5-10 minutes in between lessons. Even my 5 year old can pull herself up and down once we get her set up on it. It’s so great for strengthening muscle and toning. A great option for someone with a little wiggle room in the budget but has very limited space. Pull up bars for the doorway, hand weights, and bands are also great options for limited space and money. If you go this route, getting exercise equipment the kids can easily use on their own is important. Do some research and figure out what fit is best for your family.

    Looking to buy equipment for your homeschool fitness routine? Consider the Total Gym 1900 (which is what we use in our homeschool).

Mix it up & keep it simple

Packing some quick activity into your homeschool day is incredibly important. It gets kids blood flowing and their brains thinking. It also creates a strong foundation for healthy living. So get up, get those kids moving, and most importantly have fun with it!

*Bonus workout idea – Simon Says! Simon says do 10 jumping jacks, Simon says run in place… you get the idea. This happens to be my 5 year old’s favorite 🙂

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I would love to hear how you incorporate fun workout activities into your homeschool day!

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Simple workout ideas for kids and homeschoolers! These fun ideas are super easy to incorporate into your homeschool routine or homeschool schedule! Encourage fun & physical activity through these 10 minute workouts. This list includes simple indoor workouts and amazing outdoor activities or races that double as exercise for your kids! This is a good way for mom to fit in a workout too! Also learn what equipment is best for family workouts! #homeschool #PE