A Little About
Simply Be Wild & Free

Simply Be Wild and Free Homeschool Blog LogoThe idea for this website came to me on a sunny afternoon.

Before that day, I had never even thought about creating a blog – let alone an entire brand.

I never dreamt of becoming a social media influencer or making it big online.

I was simply sipping on a warm cup of coffee watching my children run around in the backyard.

In that moment, life felt like it was exactly what it was meant to be & something just clicked

I was still & they were free.

The phrase Simply Be Wild & Free kept replaying over and over again in my head.

I craved the simplicity of sitting with a cup of coffee in my hand while my children ran wild and free.

As I sat there with this new inspiration in my brain, I knew I had to create something — but the question was what exactly?

I had so many ideas running through my head, it was hard to pinpoint just what I needed to do.

As a homeschool parent, I knew right off that I wanted to connect with other overwhelmed homeschool parents. So my first mission was to create a homeschool blog where moms could find the help and support they needed.

That blog has since transformed into something so much bigger than I ever could have imagined.

The Story Behind The Name…

The name Simply Be Wild & Free means so many things to me as a struggling homeschool mom!

Simply Be Wild & Free is a mixture of everything I want to be as a mom, everything I want my kids to experience in their childhood, and everything I want our life to be as a whole.

Simply Be…

This part of the name represents me as a mom. I seriously struggle sometimes, you guys.

It represents my need to let go, accept things for what they are, and simply be – in the moment & still.


This part of the name represents my 3 children.

It represents the immense desire I have for them to be children that are not only bold, strong, and fearless, but also for them be completely wild and free – exploring & thriving.

A Little About Me…

I am a God fearing, homeschool mom of 3 and this little corner of the world (or internet) is my safe haven.

Everything you read on the blogs come straight from my heart and every product I sell or promote is something I believe in.

I put my all into everything I do, but trying to wear all the hats all the time can be completely overwhelming sometimes. My largest struggle as a homeschool mom is time management — because hey, I’m human.

I’m also a huge introvert and have always struggled with putting myself out there — which is why creating and being a spokesperson seems like the absolute last thing I would ever do!

This was all God. 

I didn’t realize it at the time, but He was calling me to something big – something life changing.

I felt called to create a homeschool blog and put my everything into creating this brand without any true explanation. It wasn’t until well over a year later that I realized this wasn’t my dream – it was His plan.

When I First Started Homeschooling…

Simply Be Wild and Free Homeschool Blogger

I went all out! The kids had fancy desks, posters on the wall, and an entire organized space just for learning.

Little did I know, kids can actually learn anywhere & they don’t need a school like setting for success.

My new go to place to teach lessons? Totally the couch.

I’m an avid coffee drinker. I will seriously drink it in any form, color, or variation. It’s my homeschool mom life-line.

Purchasing homeschool curriculum & books we don’t need at the moment will always be my biggest weakness. Seriously though. I love collecting the classics and encouraging my kids to learn all the things.

I’m a HUGE dog lover!! If I could spend my entire day on the couch with my puppies, a soft blanket, and a never ending cup of coffee – not going to lie, I would totally be in my element!

A Homeschool Blog
Straight From the Heart…

The homeschool blog is straight from my heart. With God’s strength and guidance, I strive to make the homeschool blog a safe haven for struggling homeschool moms in need.

I want to inform, but also to encourage each and every one of my followers to turn their homeschool into something they love!

I am not an expert and I definitely don’t know all the things – I’m still learning, just like each and every one of you!

  • Connect on the Homeschool Blog

If you are a new homeschool parent that doesn’t know where to start — I encourage you to check out the following 2 posts over on the homeschool blog.

#1 – What to Expect The First Year of Homeschooling

This was one of my absolute favorite posts to write! I actually wrote this post with a fellow homeschool mom in mind. She had turned to me for wisdom (I wasn’t completely confident in the fact that I even had some to offer, but I gave it).

This mom was feeling overwhelmed with the idea of bringing her children home and even though I had been at it for a while, it was a feeling I remembered all too well.

#2 – How to Homeschool in Only 3 Days a Week

This is actually one of my all time top preforming posts on the homeschool blog.

When I wrote this post, we had already gone through the following schooling scenarios:

  1. Private Schooling
  2. Online Public School
  3. Traditional (5 Day) Homeschool Week

I was loving our new homeschool curriculum, but I was overwhelmed with doing all the things 5 days a week! I needed time to work on my homeschool blog, get the laundry done, and simply refresh!

Plus, I found that my kids totally thrived with a do whatever day throw in the mix each week.

  • Connect on Social Media

For the homeschool mom that loves reading daily tidbits and connecting on social media…

You can follow me on my social accounts for blog updates and more!

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Looking for a little more? Request to join my Facebook group where I get a little more personal with my conversations and interactions. You can also ask for advice or message me anytime. I absolutely love connecting with homeschool moms in this way!

I sometimes host theme weeks, where I teach on a specific homeschool topic and share new blog posts in the group as well!

A Simple Thanks

Thanks for checking out my little corner of the world and for all the continued support!

Homeschooling can be a wonderful journey and I’m so excited that I get to share ours with you.

Together we can all learn to Simply Be WILD & FREE.