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The Good and the Beautiful Level K Hacks

If you haven’t already added The Good and the Beautiful to your homeschool curriculum line up, you are definitely missing out! Making the switch from online schooling to The Good and the Beautiful was hands down the best decision I have ever made for our homeschool.

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19 Kindergarten Writing Prompts

Handwriting prompts are a great way for your child to get creative, while practicing their handwriting skills. Adding these handwriting prompts to your homeschool day not only provides extra learning time for your little one, but it can also give mom a much needed breather!

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3 Homeschool Tips For a Smoother Week

Calling all homeschool moms that start their week out feeling unprepared and constantly find themselves struggling to get through the days that follow! These simple homeschool tips can help you get your homeschool week back on track in 3 easy steps!

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