“Homeschooling is not about bringing the brick & mortar school system into the home. It’s about creating an individualized learning environment and allowing your children to flourish in their own way.”

-Mary Dunn (Simply Be Wild & Free)

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Life + Homeschool Blog Announcement

I’m excited to announce that most of our homeschool content is now available on our new website Life + Homeschool.

Older posts that haven’t been moved over to our new website yet can still be found below 💗

Homeschool Ideas – Schooling at the  Library

Homeschool Ideas – Schooling at the Library

Homeschooling Away From Home Why the Library works! Have you ever considered taking the home out of homeschooling? Sounds like a silly concept, but stick with me! If you've been stuck in a rut, are dealing with a little cabin fever, or just have kids that get antsy...

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Some of our homeschool content has moved over to our new blog. We are in a transition period and currently have content on both websites. Check out our Life + Homeschool Blog to find additional posts.