“Homeschooling is not about bringing the brick & mortar school system into the home. It’s about creating an individualized learning environment and allowing your children to flourish in their own way.”

-Mary Dunn (Simply Be Wild & Free)

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Appearance & The Homeschool Mom

Appearance & The Homeschool Mom

I feel like so many people have a completely inaccurate view of what a homeschool mom actually looks like.

We are typically placed in two different categories. 

Homeschool moms are either a) out in public on rare occasion – always wearing floor length dresses (we obviously sewed ourselves, right?) or b) we are sitting at home all the time – in our pajamas.

There’s rarely a happy medium.

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What to Pack in Your Homeschool Field Trips Backpack

What to Pack in Your Homeschool Field Trips Backpack

This one is perfect, you guys! Plus, learn what to pack for a simple day of homeschooling on the go!

I’m so excited to cover one of my all time favorites! Eek! This Thirty-One bag is wonderful, so listen up!

This bag is incredibly light and can hold just enough for an outing.

Not sure what to pack in yours? Check out my must haves!

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